Simple And Safe Ways To Last Longer in Bed

Did you know that penetrative length lasts in just 5.4 minutes? In fact, roughly 45% of men reach their peak in just two minutes. This finding derived from a study conducted by Journal of Sexual Medicine participated by 500 lovers from different parts of the world. They use a timer to extract the duration of their penetrative sex.

If you’re one of those who don’t last long in bed, freak not. There are myriads of techniques which everyone can use to help delay the process and prolong the time — right from penetration down to ejaculation. You may want to consider these simple and safe ways:

Select the right sex positions

Choose sexual positions which can help you postpone orgasm. These are positions which either put more pressure on man’s penis or lessen penetration depth. Be aware that full penetration promotes stimulation. On the other hand, stimulation to your underside usually makes men ejaculate quickly.

You can try:

  • Spooning
  • Reverse cow girl
  • Modified doggy style
  • Perpendicular

Say no to anxiety

As per Nat Eliason, a sex and health writer, he explained that our body cuts the amount of time when you’re vulnerable through subjecting you to erectile dysfunction or premature ejaculation. Apart from that, the only cure here is to have sex with optimism and confidence in your performance.

But how? Simply talk to your lover regarding your sexual doubts and worries. While this is a daunting task for some, your partner can be truly receptive once you open it to him/her.

Edging may help.

For women, when you find your orgasm too sweet and short, opt for an edging.  Edging mainly involves near orgasm moments, however, you pull yourself back during the last minute. As per reports, doing this two to three times builds a longer and stronger orgasm for almost 65% women.

So tonight, enjoy making love until you’re close to climax. Then try to do this technique.


Girls can also tap or squeeze their inner thigh to make sudden sensations from the clitoris before reaching the peak. This can greatly help you get distracted, giving you more time to gather your strength before continuing.

Wear a condom.

Using a condom gives men a few more minutes before ejaculating. But it pays off to wear those which contain benzocaine, a well-known local anesthetic. It will make your penis numb a bit, helping you last longer.  When you’ll use one tonight, make sure to put it on one minute before having sex. Why? It’s because numbing doesn’t take place right away.

Now that you know some of simple and harm-free ways to stay longer in bed, it would still be wise to talk to your doctor. They can give you proper medications or recommendations on how to catch up with your partner. Above all, have a heart to heart talk to your partner. You need to discuss this matter openly to him/her so you can find the best solution that won’t hurt both of you. 




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