5 Simple Techniques To Deepen Intimacy And Pleasure

5 Simple Techniques To Deepen Intimacy And Pleasure

Consciously exploring intimacy and pleasure is crucial to find more satisfaction and deeper connection in a relationship. Here are five simple techniques to deepen intimacy and pleasure with your partner;


When it comes to pleasure, intimacy and connection, first thing is to be present. Quite often we come forward into an intimate situation and we bring the bits of ourselves that we like to the front and we hide the things about ourselves that don’t love or we think someone else won’t love. What happens is, there’s only a part of us there and the rest of us is hiding. So, each of you is only bringing a portion of who you are and it feels a little bit alarming or unsafe. Thus, you only get a certain depth of intimacy with each other. So, learning to bring all the parts of you into the present moment helps you to be present. When you have that presence and you’re fully there, whatever you get up to is going to be a thousand times hotter.


Whether this is about living your best life, being conscious in your life or creating intimacy with yourself, your partner or your family, whether it’s sexual or not, self-awareness is crucial. How well do you know yourself? How well do you know your strengths and weaknesses? Know what your likes, dislikes and boundaries are. It’s a lifelong practice that helps us grow, expand and know who we are to transform us and change our situation.

Own Your Stuff

All of us have triggers, difficult places and thing that set us off that our partner might say or do, that’s okay. But, you need to own your stuff. No one makes you do anything or makes you feel anything. It might bring up something that’s already in you that is there to be healed. If you said a thing and it makes you feel something, go into that feeling and acknowledge it. Your partner couldn’t trigger it if you didn’t have it. You can’t ask your partner to change that behavior that’s triggering you unless you look at it in yourself.


Breath sound and movement are the keys to intimacy that keeps moving sexual energy. Obviously, breath is the key to being alive. Breath is how we take in life literally, metaphorically and how we let things go. It’s important for us to take in and receive and to let go or give. Whether that’s even just slowing down and paying attention to the fact that you’re breathing, you can do that through meditation, when you’re exercising or while you’re resting. Just pay attention to your breathing and keep practicing different breathing techniques. Then, you can bring those practices to your intimacy and connection with your partner.


We all like to look we have all the answers and we know all the things, but actually, we can’t control everything. Being willing to accept our mistakes and making improvements with ourselves is very important in building intimacy. When we see our partner being vulnerable, it opens our heart so much to them as well as increases intimacy and connection.

Simple And Safe Ways To Last Longer in Bed

Simple And Safe Ways To Last Longer in Bed

Did you know that penetrative length lasts in just 5.4 minutes? In fact, roughly 45% of men reach their peak in just two minutes. This finding derived from a study conducted by Journal of Sexual Medicine participated by 500 lovers from different parts of the world. They use a timer to extract the duration of their penetrative sex.

If you’re one of those who don’t last long in bed, freak not. There are myriads of techniques which everyone can use to help delay the process and prolong the time — right from penetration down to ejaculation. You may want to consider these simple and safe ways:

Select the right sex positions

Choose sexual positions which can help you postpone orgasm. These are positions which either put more pressure on man’s penis or lessen penetration depth. Be aware that full penetration promotes stimulation. On the other hand, stimulation to your underside usually makes men ejaculate quickly.

You can try:

  • Spooning
  • Reverse cow girl
  • Modified doggy style
  • Perpendicular

Say no to anxiety

As per Nat Eliason, a sex and health writer, he explained that our body cuts the amount of time when you’re vulnerable through subjecting you to erectile dysfunction or premature ejaculation. Apart from that, the only cure here is to have sex with optimism and confidence in your performance.

But how? Simply talk to your lover regarding your sexual doubts and worries. While this is a daunting task for some, your partner can be truly receptive once you open it to him/her.

Edging may help.

For women, when you find your orgasm too sweet and short, opt for an edging.  Edging mainly involves near orgasm moments, however, you pull yourself back during the last minute. As per reports, doing this two to three times builds a longer and stronger orgasm for almost 65% women.

So tonight, enjoy making love until you’re close to climax. Then try to do this technique.


Girls can also tap or squeeze their inner thigh to make sudden sensations from the clitoris before reaching the peak. This can greatly help you get distracted, giving you more time to gather your strength before continuing.

Wear a condom.

Using a condom gives men a few more minutes before ejaculating. But it pays off to wear those which contain benzocaine, a well-known local anesthetic. It will make your penis numb a bit, helping you last longer.  When you’ll use one tonight, make sure to put it on one minute before having sex. Why? It’s because numbing doesn’t take place right away.

Now that you know some of simple and harm-free ways to stay longer in bed, it would still be wise to talk to your doctor. They can give you proper medications or recommendations on how to catch up with your partner. Above all, have a heart to heart talk to your partner. You need to discuss this matter openly to him/her so you can find the best solution that won’t hurt both of you. 




The Benefits Of Deep Throating Your Man

The Benefits Of Deep Throating Your Man

Deep throating is an acquired skill through practicing and learning techniques. It’s a nice thing to be able to do for somebody who enjoys it. To simply put, deep throating is the art of sliding your man’s magic wand deep into your mouth and down into the throat. Now you might ask yourself, “why would anyone want to do this?”

Well, there is actually quite some magic to it. Let’s dig deep with the benefits of deep throating your man;

Clitoris In Your Throat

There is a very pleasurable spot in your throat and this spot is directly connected to your cervix and uterus through the vagus nerve. This nerve is long and branches throughout the body from the throat all the way down to the womb. Furthermore, your entire mouth has a high concentration of nerve endings. Your mouth, tongue, lips and the back of your throat are more sensitive than the inside walls of your pussy. That’s why some food is so damn delicious and kissing feels fantastic.

It’s Like The Best Party For Him

For boys, deep throating feels like the best party ever. Most men say that it feels like a very pleasurable ring of tightness just below the head of the penis. On top of that, it’s a pretty crazy visual and mental stimulation for them.

It Makes You Beautiful And Healthy

If none of all this convinces you, then how about the fact that deep throating or any kind of oral sex makes you more beautiful and healthy? This is because oral sex exercises your entire facial muscles which helps prevent wrinkles and tones your skin. It might even make your lips fuller, your gums healthier and your breathing deeper. Moreover, it can increase your sex drive by stimulating the thyroid gland.

How to explore deep throating?

Before you go down on your man, you have to relax the opening of your throat. Moaning and singing help. The hardest thing to overcome is the gag reflex or pharyngeal reflex, the place where it gets so tight at the end of your mouth. The key to get fast the tight feeling and the gag reflex is to choose the right position, go slow, relax your tongue and breathe through the nose in the right rhythm. The best positions are those that open up your throat like when you lay on your back with your head up or when you do down on him from above.

When it comes to breathing, you want to inhale as you draw him in and exhale as you pull him out. When the gag reflex hits you, hold your breath and hold him right where he is without any movement until the feeling has passed. Don’t beat yourself up if it doesn’t work right away. It takes time and practice and it may not work with everyone.

If you have a very small oral cavity and your lover’s penis is quite big, then it may just not be physically possible. But give it a try, because the magic happens outside of the comfort zone.