5 Simple Techniques To Deepen Intimacy And Pleasure

Consciously exploring intimacy and pleasure is crucial to find more satisfaction and deeper connection in a relationship. Here are five simple techniques to deepen intimacy and pleasure with your partner;


When it comes to pleasure, intimacy and connection, first thing is to be present. Quite often we come forward into an intimate situation and we bring the bits of ourselves that we like to the front and we hide the things about ourselves that don’t love or we think someone else won’t love. What happens is, there’s only a part of us there and the rest of us is hiding. So, each of you is only bringing a portion of who you are and it feels a little bit alarming or unsafe. Thus, you only get a certain depth of intimacy with each other. So, learning to bring all the parts of you into the present moment helps you to be present. When you have that presence and you’re fully there, whatever you get up to is going to be a thousand times hotter.


Whether this is about living your best life, being conscious in your life or creating intimacy with yourself, your partner or your family, whether it’s sexual or not, self-awareness is crucial. How well do you know yourself? How well do you know your strengths and weaknesses? Know what your likes, dislikes and boundaries are. It’s a lifelong practice that helps us grow, expand and know who we are to transform us and change our situation.

Own Your Stuff

All of us have triggers, difficult places and thing that set us off that our partner might say or do, that’s okay. But, you need to own your stuff. No one makes you do anything or makes you feel anything. It might bring up something that’s already in you that is there to be healed. If you said a thing and it makes you feel something, go into that feeling and acknowledge it. Your partner couldn’t trigger it if you didn’t have it. You can’t ask your partner to change that behavior that’s triggering you unless you look at it in yourself.


Breath sound and movement are the keys to intimacy that keeps moving sexual energy. Obviously, breath is the key to being alive. Breath is how we take in life literally, metaphorically and how we let things go. It’s important for us to take in and receive and to let go or give. Whether that’s even just slowing down and paying attention to the fact that you’re breathing, you can do that through meditation, when you’re exercising or while you’re resting. Just pay attention to your breathing and keep practicing different breathing techniques. Then, you can bring those practices to your intimacy and connection with your partner.


We all like to look we have all the answers and we know all the things, but actually, we can’t control everything. Being willing to accept our mistakes and making improvements with ourselves is very important in building intimacy. When we see our partner being vulnerable, it opens our heart so much to them as well as increases intimacy and connection.

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